We dined at your restaurant last evening with the Mosers. I must eat gluten free, and you created a fabulous dinner for me. Thank you for the extra rice and soup…so delicious. Your restaurant feels so welcoming and comfortable! We will visit you again very soon.
This place has some great French food. It’s family owned and they cook everything themselves. Don’t go if you don’t have some time-that would be the only problem. As they say, good food takes time!- Lori O.
Keep in mind, this is a strip mall restaurant. After that, you’ll be surprised at how good the food is, the ambiance, and service. They run the place like a high-flalutin’ French restaurant, but the prices are mid-teens. Lots of veal dishes. If you want a date place or a good meal, this place works well. If it’s the big anniversary or something, maybe you want to spend more money elsewhere.- Karl M.
Cafe Monet is a great food experience. Whether you love tradidional French and European Old Word Cuisine, or just have time to stop in for a sandwich, this place will satisfy your pallet. Nice, but casual atmosphere, and great service, any day of the week.- Parker Guy
I absolutely LOVE this restaurant. Whether dining by myself (with a good book), or with family, the service, atmosphere and food is impeccable. This restaurant appeals to all ages. Even my children love to go.- HB
Worth the wait – If you’re in a hurry, try McDonalds. This is not the place for you. Service is definitely slow, but the food is worth the wait. It’s excellent. Underpriced for the quality. Great for an intimate leisurely dinner.- pjwg
Absolutely the BEST Food & Atmosphere – This is my most favorite place to eat. The atmosphere is wonderful. It’s quiet with low lighting. They may be a little slow, BUT, this restaurant is for a dining experience, not a rush. If by chance you are rushed, they do everything to accomadate you. I have been there with large groups, and have had NO problems. I frequent this place quite a bit. The owner works in the restaurant every day, AND his wife cooks all of the food. It’s homemade, and from scratch!! The soups are SO good.- cyndi_fab
Value, Value, Value – One word describes this quaint, cozy restaurant: Value. For the price of each entree, a considerable amount of food is given. Warm, delicate French bread that keeps on coming until you say stop. Fresh soup and then fresh salad accompany you until the entree. How many restaurants offer both soup and salad? The entrees are generous enough on their own. I had the rack of lamb. These were the best racks of lamb ever!! 5 pieces with mouth-watering rice, scalloped potatoes, and poached carrots. I had no room for dessert, though i wish i had. Their lunch menu/prices are extremely undervalued!! Take advantage of this diamond in the rough treasure!!- fbazyar
Mouth Watering – Not a chain, so don’t expect to be rushed in or out. You actually have time to enjoy each part of your meal. I always enjoy the lamb and the soups, and the chocolate mousse. We have made reservations on busy holidays, but can usually be seated on normal evenings.- bates123
I would have to say this place is very VERY good. While the service may seem slow to us, this is typical of a REAL Frend Resturant. The food is awesome and I would say the time between dishes is just what is needed to allow yourself to actually begin to feel full before you over eat! The chocolate moose is to die for as well! If you are concerned about getting in and out quickly, this isn’t the place for you. If you are looking for a nice relxing and possibly romantic meal where you can enjoy your food and not be rushed, this is just the place!- ericaindenver
The Baguettes are made fresh for YOUR dinner. No one elses. Not prebaked. This is one of the world’s most delicate foods cooked to perfection. Make no mistake, the best bread in the United States is served here. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give it a 104.- ohpham
The service may be paced, but it is because they want you to RELAXand ENJOY your food. There is no rush, and only a kindly server. This restaurant understands what it means to be “truly gourmet.”- ohpham
Impossible to do any better – I was raised in a very gourmet family. Each member of my family has spent years cooking only the highest quality foods and can spend years perfecting a dish. Our standard for food is nothing less than obscene. Let me assure you, Cafe Monet blew us away. It is true french cuisine with patience and hardwork that you can taste.- ohpham
Excellent service and food. – Try the veal rossinni, to die for… Allow time to enjoy the meal and you’ll be back again and again. They also have an excellent wine selection. Very intimate and has French character.- kelinv
wonderful little restaurant – I love this place. Be prepared to have a leisurely dinner, and enjoy the food. The soups are always delicious, and if you’re hungry be careful not to fill up on the wonderful crunchy-soft baguettes. The house wines by the glass are just great, and a nice little wine list. Haven’t ever been disappointed, and although it’s a lot of adults, kids menus are a treat too –no burgers or chicken fingers! Teach the kids how to enjoy a nice relaxing delicious dinner!- drew005
Great French food! – Everything was excellent! Great service and nice quiet atmosphere.- CSMobileUser
French Italian Cuisine – This is my absolute favorite place!! If you’re looking for a quick meal this is not the place. This restaurant offers a comfortable and intimate environment to catch up with your Spouse, family or good friends. Dinner may run about 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on the crowd as there is generally only one courteous and friendly waiter. I’d say that lunch may run about 1 hour. The portions are great… after soup, salad, bread and the meal we often bring home some or most of the dinner (lunch). Hint: try not to fill up on their delcious bread! The price of dinner/lunch includes everything. Enjoy!- hbbw
After conducting exhaustive research online (there aren’t many interesting places to eat at here in Parker), I found Cafe Monet, a French and Country Italian restaurant. I don’t know how I missed this cafe, I thought I have seen everything Parker had to offer. It was nice. It looked exactly what a Country Italian/ French place should look like. The restaurant was really dim, and there were candles on the tables, which would make a romantic date with a Parker Cabrona. They even had x-mas lights up. The food took some time (25 minutes) to arrive at our table, but that’s because everything is being prepared from scratch. This isn’t food that you pay some monkey in the back to go heat up, this is real, “slow food” that’s not packed with excess sugar, salt, and fat to keep eaters hooked and conditioned to keep on eating. I can’t believe how cheap this restaurant was for the value of its food.- Izamu
I’ve actually been coming here since I was a child. The owners actually remember what I also order. I love it. Everything form the escargot to the traditional dishes. Dont be afraid of french food as Cafe Monet makes you truly appreciate the diversity of dishes available by an amazing chef.- Ali Ansary
Best little local restaurant in parker hands down…- ferhad
Ladies night out it was fabulous generous Portions generous on wine in glass.- Pamela Lennig
Wonderful Food! Great little restaurant! The older men, who are servers there are amazing!- Emma Hunter
I truly enjoy this place as much as I can, sadly I have moved for occupation reasons to Fort Collins, yet I shall be making my way to parker on a regular, this place rocks, the beef wellington left me in awe, the owners are incredibly awesome. My dollars shall always reside at cafe monet.- RusA MousikA
What a charming place. Our waiter was such a gentlemen and the owners are just amazing. The food was the only thing that was better. The beef and veal were both among the the best dinners we have had in years. Last week we went to DelFriscos for an anniversary dinner. It was awesome but Cafe Monet is even better at 1/4 the price.- Matt Wassam
Although I have not eaten here in a while the food was always excellent – especially considering it is hard finding a good French style place in the Denver area at all let alone in the suburbs. This is a family run spot with very reasonable prices and excellent food.- Yvonne B.
A quaint mom and pop style french restaurant. It’s not fast and it is a little old fashioned, but I consider that a plus!!! We’ve had some really wonderful meals there. Very home cooked French country style. The service is warm and friendly and you feel like a regular. But, don’t go in for a quick meal. Order a bottle of wine and relax for once, you’ll be glad that you did.- Jason H.
Amazing family run country French restaurant, he couple are so cute and wow can she cook! The place some snobs have complained about the décor and want a chain restaurant speed but its like eating at your grandparents place in ambiance and the food. We are always welcomed with a big smile and hug. Have ordered to go and they pack everyting with care and add all the good stuff. One of the best family run restaurants in Parker. A cant miss.- Alan M.
While I was in town, I went to Cafe Monet while because it was recommended by a friend that is from the area. It was one of the best meals I have had in a while. As soon as you walk through the front door it is cozy and homey. I got the shrimp scampi and my fiance got 1 of many veal dishes and we both polished our plates off. I would highly recommend this place if you simply want good food and a lot of it.- jennifer y.
Great meal. Went for lunch and had the sirloin lunch special. It included bread starter, soup AND salad, plus rice and vegetable. Needless to say I was stuffed.- Brian B.
A family owned restaurant that’s charming and friendly. The service can be a bit slow however we were in and out in about 45 minutes for lunch. The chicken marsala was classic and tasty and the chicken scampi was equally delicious.- John M.
The service was prompt. The food was good. The bread is gorgeous and they are very generous with it. I would describe the food more homey than French or Italian. It just plain tasted good. Many friends love this place and I finally see why. It is also very cozy, which I find romantic.- Joan T.
I would describe the menu as Country French and Italian. My uncle had a veal plate and I had the special of the evening: a scallops and shrimp dish. Both were amazing. Even more amazing were the prices. Each was less than $20 and included soup and salad. We also shared a bottle of red wine. The staff was friendly and the service was surprisingly quick for a Saturday night. I would definitely recommend this place to anybody who is looking for something authentic. It’s a refreshing change from all of the chain restaurants in the area. I wish there was one in LA.- Ilyas A.
Cafe Monet has a tremendous dining experience in store for you. French-Mediterranean cuisine is probably the way I would categorize it. If you live downtown and are concerned about the value of the drive to Little Parker, let me tell you it will be worth it! Food, sauces, even the salad was outstanding!- PG B.
A few days ago my wife and i decided to try out this little cafe in Parker. it was our first time here. It was a very pleasant experience! My wife was able to find a very tasty vegetarian meal and I enjoyed the beouf dijonaise. It was very well prepared and quite tender. The environment was comfortable and pleasant. The gentleman serving us was very relaxed and charming. He had character and added to the ambiance of the evening. We’ll be coming back.- Peter L.
You must enjoy the 83yr old waiter… no kidding, 83yrs old and still has a bounce in his step and a twinkle of mischief in his eye! Don’t be in a hurry, this is at more of a European pace than an American restaurant pace.- Chuck S.
1st rule of Cafe Monet is you must try it for lunch. Lunch is very inexpensive with a great variety and a full three course meal with soup, salad and main course. I have had a couple of the lunch items and they have all been very good in wonderful sauces.- Chuck S.
We stumbled upon Cafe Monet for dinner last week (week night) and had a lovely experience. Our waitress was GREAT! (she was younger than us and probably only one in restaurant who was). Majority of dinner patrons were retirees who seemed to be locals. EVERYTHING is homemade at this Cafe — including the salad dressings. If you think you’d like HOMEMADE Country French food (w/ a few Italian dishes on the menu too) give this place a try. I had the trout and it was TASTY; the homemade soup was also deliscious. (we were told by locals that lunch prices are VERY reasonable and had similar portions).- PJ O.
My wife and I met up with another couple for our monthly get together. Upon entering the restaurant we were pleased with the atmosphere and the warm greeting we received. The menu is very interesting with a wide variety of choices from which to choose. The food was excellent, perfectly prepared and nicely presented. This is not a fast food restaurant so expect and make time for a leisurely and enjoyable dinner. This is definitely one of the top 5 restaurants in Parker. Reservations a must.- manlyfood
The service was excellent and the portions were huge. All entrées include the soup de jour (which was a chicken curry and good, a green salad (crunchyand tasty with the dressing of our choice) and are garnished with vegetables,rice and potatoes. We recommend that you experience this restaurant. It is one of a dying breed.- aledm
Café Monet is a monument to The Way We Were Eating French/Italian inthe USA in the 1970’s or 60’s. And we were told that there are patrons who have been dining at Café Monet once a week for 30 years (even though it’s only been open since 1996). Homa Bazyar is the head chef and she knows how to please her guests.- aledm
Café Monet was the perfect place to dine after a long day of one-on-one meetings. The piano music was just right for casual, evening dining, e.g., Memory from “Cats”, etc., and a good way to unwind. No question that I will return when I’m in the area.- rcubed2
This is a nice restaurant with tablecloths and great, recorded piano music to accentuate the quiet ambience. The menu had many selections and, after a few minutes, I ordered veal marsala, escalloped potatoes, glazed carrots, and jasmine rice. It was a great combination of flavors that complimented each other very well. The dinner was served on a hot dish which kept the food warmer longer. I appreciated that. The veal portion of the meal covered half of the plate. The taste was great and flavorful with just enough of the marsala sauce to compliment the taste of the veal. It was a great choice.- rcubed2
Don’t judge this book by its cover! Cafe Monet looks like a hole-in-the-wall, has become our favorite place to meet friends for lunch. The food is fabulous at a price that makes one wonder how they can stay in business. Their daily lunch specials are awesome! I have had the salmon which came with glazed carrots and the soup (don’t miss the homemade soup!) which was so good! You’ll enjoy the service too! You won’t be disappointed with Cafe Monet!- claudred
I can not believe I have not been here before. This is Parkers 5 star food in a 3 star location. The food was fabulous, great tasting potatoes, rice and carrots. We had a fish and chicken dish and can not wait to go back for the beef. Yes it is quiet with soft music that does not get in the way. The place was full of regulars but we felt right at home. You got to save room for the Chocolate Mousse.- dacfile
Cafe Monet has lunch specials at unbelievably low prices. So, if you have not tried this restaurant yet, you are missing out on one of the best finds anywhere in Colorado. The food is amazing, the prices very reasonable, the service very European. Bon appetit!- AAGeorgiapeach
This restaurant is very suitable for a romantic dinner…candlelight, soft music, linen tablecloth and napkins, good wine list, great food. They also have specials on certain holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas eve at times.- AAGeorgiapeach
One of my favorite dishes is the seafood crepes. And, to top off the meal, I absolutely must have the chocolate mouse…decadent.- AAGeorgiapeach
The food is absolutely delicious. The portions are suitable in size for most appetites. The variety suits most palates. A salad and a small soup is served with each meal, along with a platter of warm bread. And to my delight, soft butter to top the bread with!- AAGeorgiapeach
I simply cannot say enough about this devine little restaurant in Parker. We have been enjoying the food there ever since they opened in Parker in 1996. Anytime we have out-of-town guests we must bring them here to enjoy the fine cuisine prepared at Cafe Monet. Not one person has left this restaurant without giving them rave reviews!- AAGeorgiapeach
We generally visit Cafe Monet 3-4 times a year. We find the atmosphere to be quiet, the service excellent and the food is to die for. We usually go at lunch time and just can’t say enough. Wish we had the time to go more often.!- MiltParker_CO
Great place for romantic meal in Parker, make reservations as it fills up fast. Excellent 5 course meal and good wine selections at affordable prices. Great for any special occassion. Also open for lunch with great prices for the gourmet lunch.- William S
We were there last night. The bread to start was very good, the house Cabernet was excellent, the salads were very tasty, the split pea soup was excellent and the main course shrimp tortellini for me, felit mignon and the chicken tortelini for the others were all fantastic. Topped off by delicious coffee. The waiter Nagil was incredible. He was always there to take excellent care of us. With his attention we were never in need of anything. Our first time there, but as new home owners in the area it will be one of our regular stops.- Joe P
Quiet and reserved, good service, reasonable selection on menu. Delightfully old fashioned. You order the mains and the soup and salad plus bread just arrive. Good bread and good soup which is different each day I am told. Wine by the glass, bottle or caraf whatever suits. Food prepared in traditional style no fancy arrangements on the plate, but cooked properly.- AubreyP695
One of the favorites was the lemon chicken soup that was fantastic, not to downgrade any of the other food, it was just a standout!!! Thank you Cafe Monet, we are so glad to have a restaurant of your quality in our neck of the woods.- Susan M
This was my second experience with Cafe Monet, both different, both wonderful. We called in a “to go” order for 8 people at the last minute on Mother’s Day. Cafe Monet was very accomodating and there was not one person in our eight that was not absolutely amazed by the food!!!- Susan M
Excellent choices for dinner and an always changing menu. Great wine list and full bar. Small quiet setting for family, romantic or even a business setting dinner. Worth a try.- James F
The chocolate mousse…I have eaten lots of chocolate mouse….this by far was the best I have ever had and to boot, it was homemade!- asmile2day
My daughter and I visited the Cafe Monet for an evening meal. What a pleasant surprise! First, let me begin by saying, if you are looking for a quick meal this is not the place. If you are looking for an authentic french/italian meal that you can take your time to eat and enjoy conversation with your dining companions…this is the place!- asmile2day
The food is very good , we travel from NJ to denver just to go here for dinner , best food and service- Mina Panah
Great food and a funny waiter- Chris Neeley
They have the best food. During my visit to Denver, I ate here everyday. The soup is amazing. They had the best customer service. There was no wait. They immediately took me to a seat. The dinner was amazing. If you want a nice dining experience in the Denver area, go and eat here.- Abdullah Panah
Best gluten free meal in Colorado!!- Ruth Lucius
So my wife and I came in today for lunch. We have never seen this place before or heard of it and it just so happens I saw it visiting a business next to it. We were blown away by the eclectic attitude of our endearing waiter and the food!!! The food was incredible. Yes we were young for the crowd. ( lots of seniors ). We were a tad bit scared that the food would be bland and lacking because of that, but as I’m writing to tell you YUMMMM. Thank you Cafe Monet.- Chris Neeley
You owe it yourself to come here for dinner, just amazing- Robert Kidd